Meaningful Use

Learn about all facets of Meaningful Use so you know exactly what you need to have, do and how to do it. This section includes charting of vital signs, patient demographics, CCR/CCDs, electronic prescribing and ...

HIPAA and Security Info

HIPAA and security go hand in hand. Having a HIPAA manual is not enough. Here at SU, learn about emergency access, automatic log-off, data integrity, authentication, encryption...

Practice Management

Your practice is your business. You need to know how to use the information you have to maintain and increase your activity. Those who know and apply these fairly simple...

2014 PQRS Training and Webinars for SammyEHR

Sammy clients: View the 5 minute instructional video below to learn how to meet PQRS in Sammy. Please note: Check your yellow bar to find out what Z update to get to receive the new program.

5 Minute PQRS Video for Podiatry

As a reminder: The automatic PQRS reporting method is for those who utilize our work flows including use of the vascular, neuro and meds and allergies screens. If you don’t use those screens you may wish to adopt the manual method of reporting.

February 2014 SammyNite Webinar Available for Viewing

Click on the link below to view a recorded webinar including the information that was covered at the most recent SammyNites.
Even if you attended SammyNite, you should watch the last 10 minutes of this video for the most up to date information.

View the recorded webinar

Please note: Since the video was made, the PQRS automatic method has been updated. We will post a concise video outlining exactly what you have to do in Sammy in for PQRS shortly.

Topics on the video (start times)
• Daily Do's (00:39)
• Morning Index PQRS reporting (01:40)
• Accounting Ledger Report New Features (02:40)
• Backup / Disaster Recovery (03:40)
• Server Encryption (08:25)
• New HCFA Form (09:40)
• Electronic Statements (10:45)
• Windows XP Retirement (11:40)
• Claim History-Find it fast! (12:47)
• Fee Watch Alerts (13:35)
• Fingerprint Login (14:47)
• Snowbird Education (15:15)
• Blue Orchid Integration (15:40)
• Future Listing Double Click (16:09)
• Release Notes (16:32)
• Lab Integration (16:46)
• Insurance Library Updates (17:20)
• Patient Chart and Alt ID (20:04)
• Notes Signing (21:16)
• Scanning Best Practices (22:25)
• Avoid Duplicate Patients (24:02)
• Chat with Support (24:45)
• PQRS - 2014 Intro (25:07)
• Physician Compare (26:13)
• PQRS History (27:38)
• PQRS - Height, Weight and BP (29:00)
• PQRS - PQRS Screen and Auto-select (31:39)
• PQRS Measure Selection and Explanation (34:32)
• PQRS Measure Reporting Confirmation (38:00)
• PQRS Current Status (38:47)
• PQRS CMS Measure Information (39:40)
• PQRS: Where to click in SammyEHR (40:19)
• PQRS Recap (43:54)
• PQRS: You can do this! (45:13)
• ICD-10 (46:20)
• Meaningful Use - Last Call! (50:02)
• Meaningful Use/ICD-10 Upgrade Info (50:36)
• SNOMED Codes (52:40)
• CQM vs. PQRS (53:28)
• 2014 New Features (54:40)
• PQRS Updated Information (1:01:35)

Everyone is welcome and online courses are free.

Sammy University has been established to provide information and training to doctors and their staff in the three sections above. To participate in the government incentives requires the learning and understanding of quite a bit of information. Those who try and master this in an hour will surely fail. Those who take it piece by piece, understand it and see how it's done will just as surely succeed.

As with most things in life, a good education is the key to achieving your goals - and this it certainly true in the areas of study at SU.

Sammy University is sponsored in its entirety by ICS Software, Ltd. of Oceanside, NY. All are welcome including clients of ours and those simply seeking information. Although geared for doctors and staff, patients are welcome here too to get a better understanding of how doctors offices need to work. Thank you for visiting with us today.